sanding before staining

Should I Sand Between Coats of Paint or Stain?

A beautifully finished surface is an excellent reward for the hard work that comes with a remodel or makeover. Sanding is an important part of the finishing process—which is why the debate on sanding between paints or stains is a … Read More

sanding concrete floor

How To Sand and Seal a Concrete Floor

Many people choose to have exposed concrete floors around the home, from the garage to living spaces. Such floors are easy to clean and can look great when stained or painted. However, preparing the surface for paint or epoxy often … Read More

wooden outdoor deck

How to Use a Floor Sander to Sand a Deck

If your wooden deck looks old and dull, it will be very embarrassing when you invite someone into your home. Not only will guests be bothered by looking at it, but you will also feel disappointed every time you set … Read More

sanding stairs to a smooth finish

How to Sand Stairs

If your wooden stairs are getting old and you don’t feel good when you look at them, it is time to take some measurable steps. You can solve this problem by sanding stairs with a sander. Not only will it … Read More